Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Planting Time

I am really excited about planting my first garden this year. My family is coming into town for Caroline's birthday and to help me get my garden ready. My stepdad is an awesome gardener (as well as my mom) and he has graciously volunteered to help me. We plan on planting tomatoes, yellow neck squash, cucumbers, and maybe some okra. I also will throw in some fresh herbs.
Having fresh produce right at your fingertips will be such a blessing! I LOVE fresh tomatoes and we (Caroline and I) will eat the tomatoes like apples. I have to say that Tim's father grows the BEST tomatoes, so I can only hope that we can grow some that are half as tasty as his!
Stay tuned for pictures in the next couple of weeks for our gardening progress. Wish us luck!

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