Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Is the week over yet??

What a whirlwind of a week we are having! Blogging will have to be put on a short break because of our hectic schedule. Caroline is in her second week of swim lessons and is doing GREAT! She is diving down and getting blocks off the bottom of the pool and swimming to the side of the pool and pulling herself up. I highly suggest anyone in the area go to The Swim Center for lessons. They are amazing!

Tim and I have been playing a ton of tennis. We are both on a mixed doubles team, a USTA team, and we are both playing two singles leagues. We are having regular tennis matches and we also made it to the playoffs of one of our leagues.

My weekly shopping trip will be put on hold a few days. To be honest, I am not impressed with the sales at Publix or Kroger this week. I still have $40 in RR from Walgreens to spend at Publix, so I'll post my shopping trip tomorrow. I have had two emails requesting for me to post my lists and some tips, so I'll start posting my lists next week. I had several trips to Kroger and Publix last week, but didn't take pictures because I was too exhausted from the planning. I think the mass amounts of RR was a blessing but also a curse. It took tons of time to plan out my shopping trips.

My garden is looking GREAT! We are enjoying fresh squash almost every day and we are looking forward to our tomatoes coming in soon. One of my stakes broke, so I rigged the vines up to keep them off the ground. I have to make a quick trip to Lowe's to purchase some new stakes. I went on Sunday and the worker (who was NOT helpful) talked me into purchasing tomato trellis'. They did NOT work, so Tim took them back today but forgot to pick up the stakes. So, tomorrow, Caroline and I head to Lowe's (after a morning tennis match and swim lessons).

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Leah and Maya said...

Thats awesome, i made it thru one swim lesson, it was suppose to be heated, but way too cold for me and Maya was so tight and teeth chattering, but of course didn't want to get out becasue she loves water, but no diving under it or swimming on her own.