Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Super Duper Savings at Publix

My mom and I went to Publix tonight to take advantage of the the last of this week's sales and to use some of the Register Rewards from Walgreens. This trip required quite the strategizing because she had a Rain Check for Dixie Paper Plates. What we had not realized was that the paper plates were producing 50 cents overage on each one because of the Target Coupon. WOW! I also had a major coupon to produce overage on the Kellogg's waffles, the Purina Dog Food produced overage, as did the mustard. However, by shopping on Wednesday night, most of the items that I really wanted (Spray 'n Wash) were gone. So, I had to get Rain Checks for the mustard (produces overage) and the Spray 'n Wash. The random beans were packaged in groups to help absorb the extra coupons from Target and Walgreens.
The weird thing about the trip was that I ended up in the negatives! My mom noticed that Wednesday was Senior Citizen day and recieved 5% off her total. The cashier took that % off and we ended up at -$2.82. She was dumbfounded, as was the customer service staff. She wanted to pay me the difference, but I knew it wasn't correct. I volunteered to pay for the guy's two small items behind us, so it would come out in the positive.
OOP: $1.94
Total Saved: $200
Another awesome trip with free sunscreen and steaks! Thanks again Walgreens!


Over-Caffeinated X 4 said...


Can you please tell me how in the world you do this???? If I come to Atlanta, will you teach me???? I'm in awe!

Tutti said...

the craziest shop ever! you blow every body else out of the water!