Monday, June 29, 2009

Target Deals This Week

I don't normally shop at Target for a few reasons. The main one is that this is a store that is a blackhole for me. I go in for one thing and walk out with LOTS! Another reason is that I have to limit my stores. I try to only go to two different stores in a week and Target is not on my landing strip (every other store is on the same road my house is on!!) However, I think I may run there this week to take advantage of some of the deals. Check out Stretching a Buck for the complete list of deals and the match-ups and Hot Coupon World for the Target Printable Coupons. Blogger is not cooperating with me on typing up the list. Some things that catch my eye are:

  • Pace Specialty Salsa (Q expires on July4th)
  • Degree Deodorant for Men
  • Vaseline Aloe Fresh
  • Ziploc Evolve Bags (Q expires on July 4th)
  • Dawn Pure Essentials Soap
  • Bare Solo Cups
  • Single Serve Edy's Ice Cream Cups
  • Pepperidge Farm Hamburger Buns

All these deals should be either FREE or less than $1.00! I am especially loving the single serve ice cream cups for Caroline. We are still taking swim lessons and this is my bribing tool!

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