Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Publix Shopping Trip

In the paper yesterday, our area received a $2.00 Starbucks Ice Cream coupon. At Publix, they are on sale BOGO (meaning $1.80 and $1.79 each). What does this mean?? OVERAGE!!! I have several coupons and some "minor difficulty" with extra coupons, so I decided to try out a new Publix store. Loved the store, but hated my math errors!! I used a Competitor Coupon and wasn't sure if they would allow overage on the Revlon and the Vitamins, so I threw in the 2 half & half's and I could have added a canteloupe. Had I thrown in the canteloupe, my total OOP would have been cheaper. This week's sale at Publix will be going on until Wednesday or Thursday (depending on your area).

Transaction #1:
1- milk- $2.25
2- Half & Half- $1.59 each
2- Mexicorn- 87 cents each
10- Starbucks Ice Cream- $1.79 each - (10) $2.00 MQ
1- Publix Vanilla Wafers- $.01 (penny item)
3- Revlon Nail Clippers- $1.49 each - (3) $2.00 PQ- (2) $1.00 MQ
Grapes- $1.72
Bananas- $.57
Garlic- $.30
Cilantro- $.79
2- Yellow Onions- $.45
1- Dozen Eggs- $1.19
4- Sundown Vitamins - $2.99-$3.29 - (2)$6.00/2 PQ (4) $1.00 MQ

Total OOP: $2.65
Total Saved: $68.20

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Over-Caffeinated X 4 said...


Thank you SO much for posting this shopping list. It has helped me so much. I think just being able to see what you did here was so much easier. I couldn't figure out how you were doing it, now I see the overage thing. However, I still don't know how you know in advance what it's going to cost and what your overage will be. I still need to come to Atlanta and do a trip with you. But this week I am basically buying everything you bought, except in smaller quantities b/c I only get one paper.

Thanks again!