Friday, June 19, 2009

Swim Lessons Part 1

She is patiently waiting on her turn to swim!
She is getting ready to dive down to get her toys off the bottom.
On her way up from the bottom. She can hold her breath forever!
Getting ready to swim to the side of the pool.
Yay! She made it and is now getting her blocks!

Caroline is now at the second week of swim lessons. She just loves the water and is doing so great! I will post some more pictures of her later this weekend because I need to get them off of my sister's camera. These were taken on Wednesday morning. I normally am in the pool with her, but I raced home from a tennis match in order to get her to lessons. I didn't have time to change so I sat on the side. She is now diving down around 4 1/2 feet to get her blocks/toys off the bottom, swimming (working on kicking) under water to me, and swimming to the side of the pool and pulling herself up. Her instructor is also working on her back float and after swimming to a person, rolling over to her back to 'catch' a breath. Today, she will be jumping off the diving board and swimming to the side of the pool. Don't worry, one of her instructors will be there to 'catch her'. We have one more week and I am already contemplating keeping her in for the rest of the summer. Seriously, if you live in the area, you MUST sign up at The Swim Center. I wasn't sure what to expect and it takes a lot to impress me (I grew up in water all my life) and these people ROCK! You get 30 minutes of lessons for $46/week (5 days). We have even been lucky enough to get 2 private lessons because the other kids didn't show up. :)

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LB said...

I am so impressed. Was Caroline scared at first? I would love to enroll Ada in this, but I am afraid she would be too scared to actually do anything.