Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First Babysitter

We had a great first experience! The sitter said she was "perfect" and would love to come back anytime! YAY! We are so excited and proud of Caroline!

We have our first babysitter coming tonight for Caroline. I am getting nervous as the time approaches. I'm scared because we've never left her with anyone besides family and I'm afraid that Caroline is going to SCREAM! Last week, I dropped her off at my sister's house and she screamed for 30 minutes because she was mad at me. We thought it would be a good time to try a babysitter because I am only going to tennis practice and Tim's literally 1.1 mile down the road announcing a basketball game. So, wish us luck and say some prayers!!


Leah and Maya said...

See she probably had a great time! I would be the one with seperation anxiety not Maya. Right now its been warm in the 30's during the day every once in awhile a little warmer, so the snow has compacted and the roads are mostly clear, some flooding problems on the west side of the state,but we are getting ou of the house every day this week, we just NEED to get OUT.

oneblessedlife said...

Awesome Possum! It's really good once you know you have a babysitter that does a great job. Now you need to try a date night for a few hours! :)

LB said...

where did you find a baby-sitter? we haven't left Ada with a real baby-sitter yet, just family.