Friday, January 9, 2009

my sink is shined and my house is in order...THANKS MOM!

Okay, I realize that my last post seemed a bit dreary sounding and I should be so lucky to only have my house that messy, but it's my life. I took a quick cat nap while Caroline was snoozing and woke up feeling a bit better and a bit more chipper.

As Caroline and I were picking up her mess in the floor, my reinforcement angels mom and Aunt Janie. They are in town for Savannah's ball/dance this weekend. So, thanks to them, my house is back in order, my dinner is cooked and cleaned up and my sink is shined! THANK YOU!

Tim arrived home to a semi-clean house and dinner on the table. He then took Caroline upstairs to spend some time with her while he worked from home and so I could have a break. THANK YOU!

So, now I am pondering, do I take a bubble bath or go to bed??? It should probably be the first option since it is a once in a lifetime chance!


Debbie said...

Whew! That was good to hear after that previous post!

What kind of ball is Savannah having??

Bethany said...

She got asked to join the local Cotillion group in the area. It was some sort of invite only and they learn manners, dinner affairs, how to dance ballroom style. I'm not really sure, but check back tomorrow or Sunday for pictures! She's getting her hair and nails done and I'm SO afraid that she's going to look like a tween! It seems like yesterday she was born!! YIKES!