Thursday, January 29, 2009

Our First Play Date and Prayer Request

We had our first play date at our friend's house this morning. Caroline goes to school with Ruth and we were getting to meet LB and Ada for the first time! I have to say that Ruth was hilarious! She was so excited to see Caroline. She even called her by name! So sweet. AND let me tell you how adorable that litte Ada is! She's so tiny! She looks just like a little china doll! :) It was really neat watching how Caroline interacted or rather didn't interact with the other girls. She was timid at first and then gradually warmed up. She loved walking up the stairs and then being able to look over at us sitting in the living room. At one point Tutti (Ruth's mom) walked upstairs to check on the girls and they were reading books! How cute is that? Of course, I packed my camera and then got caught up in real adult conversation that I totally forgot to snap pictures. Since Tim is out of town, I don't know if I have carried on a real conversation for days! LOL!

My family lives in Western Kentucky and they were hit HARD with the latest ice storm. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. My stepdad bought a generator and my mom (who is retired but got bored) is staying at work because of the employees not being able to get there (she works in a retirement center). The phone lines are down but she's been able to communicate some with her cell phone, which is spotty. I think she said they restored power at her house, but down the road, it's still out and they may not get any until next week. So, just keep them and my aunts/uncles in your mind. Tim called to tell me that parts of the state wouldn't be able to get their power restored until mid-February! That's just crazy! I should be thankful that I live in Hotlanta where I don't really need a heavy coat.


Tutti said...

so glad that you came over today. it was just too brief! we need to do it again. i have been checking out southern savers and she's INCREDIBLE, but i have to say that you are quite the savvy shopper. you are definitely a woman of many talents. :)

Becky Scott said...

Glad your playdate went well. It's so neat to see your child interact with others.
Have you seen the forecast for next Tuesday for HOTlanta? SNOW!! :) You better pull out that big winter coat.
Miss you!