Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Surprise Pictures...

I realize that some of my viewers could care less about my coupon savings and want to see just some of my darling Caroline. This post is for you. :) For those that only want my coupon savings, stay tuned for a Publix Post tonight. My plan is to get a TON of groceries for less than $20! Caroline and I are going to story time at the library this morning. I am excited because we may get to finally meet LB and Ada and get to see Tutti and Ruth (outside of school).
I am also excited because I am able to walk this morning after a LONG day of tennis yesterday. I began playing at 9:30 AM and finished playing around 4:30! Two matches BUT two wins! Tim told me I couldn't come home unless I won both! I guess it's a good thing I won! :)
My left foot has been hurting really badly over the last few months. Of course, being my stubborn self, I just ignore it and play on. But, I am calling the doctor today that did my right ankle surgery. Tim said I must be in pain if I am actually going to the doctor. :(


oneblessedlife said...

I think your shopping is fascinating, but I do those these pictures!!! How old is she now?

jeck said...

She is adorable of course!! I am totally jealous of your coupon savings... Too bad Fulton doesn't have more shopping options! ;) I would love to figure out how to save at Wal-Mart!

lmoyers said...

Hello Bethany,
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LB said...


forgive us for not being at the library!! It was totally my fault. I hope that you got Tutti's message. Scott went to work with the car seat in his car, so Ada and I were stranded. Tutti kindly offered to pick us up(which is totally out of her way), but when she got here I was running late, and I didn't even hear her at the door. By the time we got Ada and me in the car, we were too late to even go. We tried to call you, but, of course, as you know, Tutti only had your house phone. One of these days we will all make it to the library at the same time.

In the mean time, I can't wait to see your Publix post, and Tutti and I would love to hang out Thursday morning if you can.

Stephanie said...


Cute pics of Caroline and way to go on the couponing! I have been couponing for awhile now but am NOWHERE CLOSE to $30 a month! That is great!