Sunday, January 18, 2009

Frustration at CVS (on my part)

Since I have been couponing, I feel like I am getting pretty decent at this little game. Of course, I am only talking about grocery stores. I am also okay with doing it at Walgreens. BUT, CVS is a different story! I am getting extremely stressed out and frustrated when I go to buy things and they aren't there. I am also feeling the stress of keeping my ECB's and trying to roll them into another purchase and KEEP the same amount of ECB's that I started with!

I just came back from CVS and realized that I probably messed up because I had a $5/$15 coupon but I didn't use it. Instead for some reason in my head I decided to use the $5/$30 coupon. (I had other items that I could have purchased to pull it up to the correct amount.) I could have easily used both of them in two different transactions. But, did I? NO, I got so confused because my perfect transactions on paper didn't work for me. AARRGGGHH!
Enough's what I got:

1- Cottonelle Toilet Paper--$12.97
1- Cottonelle Moist Flushable Wipes--$5.98 (perfect for potty training)
2- CVS Allergy Medicine--$3.97 each
22- Reese's Whipps Candy Bars--$1.00/2

Used: 1- 50 cent Q for Cottonelle Moist Wipes
1- $5/$30 CVS coupon (it was emailed to me)
13- $1.00/2 Reese's Whipps Candy Bars (for some reason my count was wrong??)

Paid with: ECB $8.99 and $9.98
OOP: 57 cents

EARNED: $4.00 ECB, $3.00 ECB, $7.58 ECB for next time.

Next week is a better week for me because they are having a sale on Huggies Products. I have $2.00 MQ to use along with some other good coupons. If you spend $20, you get back $10 ECB. Now, we are talking!


oneblessedlife said...

This is like reading a foreign language. I'll tell you what. I'm still trying to get Kroger 10 for 10 items down with two boys distracting me and getting the wrong stupid size of the item and then it not counting! ARG.
Props to attempting CVS. I refuse to shop there because it makes me mad that the deal comes NEXT time I shop! DOUBLE ARG!!

Debbie said...

What in the world do you need with 22 Reeses bars? Good grief woman! I only bought two--one for Tony and one for Josh!

Are you gonna bring them to Gatlinburg? Ha! Ha!

Actually, you KNOW I'm just teasing you! That was a great post because you are getting really good at CVS, despite what you think.

Did you see what I did at Publix tonight? I have three ECBs that expire on Tuesday, so I was going to use them at Publix tonight.

My OOP was almost $9, and I PAID IT! WHAT WAS I THINKING? I had $15 in ECBs and other coupons that expired tonight! AARRGGHH!!!