Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I am one proud sister!

We met my sister for sushi today and afterwards, I went with her to Publix. I wasn't doing any shopping, but tagged along for any needed help. I was so proud of her! She's new to coupons and bargain shopping but she did GREAT! She saved more than she spent! We ended up in the grumpy cashier lady's line and the lady scrutinized all of her coupons. I had printed out a $5/25 competitor coupon and told her to hand it to her first before all others. The cashier just stared at and then at her and then demanded all of her coupons. (I had previously told her to NOT give over coupons unless she can keep track of the amounts and beeping.) Christi remained calm and told her that she wanted the lady to scan that one specific coupon first. After some "discussion" the cashier went ahead and scanned it. But, the lady was still insistent on getting all of her coupons at once. I knew which ones she had and how many (I had cut them out and organized them for her) so I nodded to her and over they went.

Christi spent $50 and saved over $60! I am so proud of my big sister! :)


Debbie said...

Yeah! We have one more convert! LOL!

Stephanie said...

That is great! It is rewarding to share all we know with others, and seeing it in practice.