Friday, March 20, 2009

ALLERGIES and updates...

Allergies...gotta hate them! I was fortunate (if you can call it that) that last year I was hiding in Guatemala and didn't have to experience allergy spring season. Caroline and I both are suffering...BIG TIME! I swear, my head feels like it's going to explode and I can't stop sneezing. If I am feeling like this, I can't imagine how my baby girl is feeling. I texted her doctor yesterday with the symptoms and told her that I started giving her allergy meds and she was impressed! As a matter of fact, she told me how proud she was of me and that I was catching on quick! LOL!

Tomorrow I am participating in a Mom's Yard Sale. This is really the first "season" that I have had a full wardrobe to sell of Caroline's. It's kinda sad seeing ALL the clothes that she wore once or probably never even tried on! I decided that I was only going to keep the most important outfits and sell the rest, so wish me luck! I had a VERY difficult time pricing her outfits. Most of them were never worn. What's a good price? Do I price them to sell or do I price them at the price I would pay for them or do I price them a bit higher in anticipation of bargaining? ARGGGHHH, too much pressure! I am looking forward to making some money, decluttering my life and closets, and hanging out with friends. However, I am dreading sitting outside. I just know the pollen is lurking around, dying to cause me pain...could it be the meds I'm on?????

Frugal Friday for this week will have to be tomorrow and I'm going to call it "Super Savings Saturday". I got some great deals at CVS, Kroger, and Publix this week. I was going to go with Tutti to the Dekalb Farmer's Market tonight to get fresh produce, but since my head was pounding, I had to take a raincheck.

And now for a Tennis so far is going great! My partner and I have played two matches and we WON both of them! YAY!! We played a very tough match on Tuesday. Our scores were 6-7, 7-6, 7-5. Our first two sets went to tie-breakers! CRAZY!!!!!!! Our coach has been drilling in our heads...aim for the net opponent. SLAM IT at them and then pray they get out of the way! Well, after the second time of me literally hitting the girl, she was out for blood! She tried to take my head off! It's a good thing that I have fast reflexes...I was able to either move or hit it back! :) However, I did take a pretty horrible and scary fall during the 2nd set. I literally tucked and rolled diving for ball. I heard my racquet scrape across the court and felt my body land with such a thud that it scared me. My teammates began screaming. I knew when I went down that I was going to be okay, but just "sore". "I'm okay...just the pride is hurting." is what I yelled while looking at the starry sky. I was determined that we were going to win and the next day I would allow the pain to begin...

Pain it was...I got home at 11:30 that night (we started at 8:00) and then at 12:45 Caroline woke up. This was the first time that she has woken up in the middle of the night since we have been home. At 1:15, I finally went in to get her. I picked her up and brought her in our bed. Poor baby...she couldn't breathe due to her allergies. We then "slept" sitting propped up until 7:30. I asked her "do you want to get in your bed and go night-night?" "Yeah...yeah..." she replied. So I put her in her bed and CRASHED. At 9:00, she woke up crying again. I tapped Tim and said "Tag, you're it. I can't even open my eyes." So, Tim helped me out (TREMENDOUSLY) and let me sleep for another hour. Needless to say, my ENTIRE body was hurting!

So that should get you caught up on our week. I left out several things but you get the point. I will post again tomorrow but my next post probably won't be until mid-week. Caroline is getting her Easter pictures made on Monday and I will be frantically trying to find a dress on Saturday afternoon. Sunday, I have tennis, which means no shopping time. I'll let you know how her first portrait session went. I am excited because she gets to hold a real bunny!! I'm thinking...GREAT PIX!


LB said...

we are suffering from allergies too!! We missed you last night, but we will definitely go again. We need to hang out soon--at the library on Monday, maybe?

Leah and Maya said...

Well here in the winterwonderland, allergies get us in May (or me anyway. We have a humidifyer air cleaner and I started taking dried stinging nettles (pills) My mom used to have them horrible and now she's fine so if its the nettles so be it. Guatemala about killed me with allergies so you were lucky I didn't sleep for about 4 months in my last house they were so bad. good luck with Tennis it sounds like you are doing great!

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