Friday, March 6, 2009

Frugal Friday...Publix

So much for me saying that I was taking it easy on shopping this week! We aren't even half way finished! :) Like I said earlier, we had a slight mishap with coffee not only spilling on my cookbook, but on my receipts. So, I don't have the final costs of my Publix trips. I know that I had one transaction for 15 cents and the other was for $11. It was a GREAT week at Publix, even though I didn't get a ton of stuff!

I had some great coupon match ups this week that allowed me to get some overage on a few things. Gotta love those BJ club coupons! I also broke up my items into 2 transactions for 1 cent toilet paper. My lipton tea was free and so was my del monte tomatoes and tylenol. I was lucky to be able to use an expired $3 Publix Q and a $5 MQ for my diapers. I do regret buying my tea because I had planned on buying the green tea (which was not on sale) to make Tutti's Iced Green Tea Lemonade Recipe. But, since I live in the south, I see sweet tea in my future! LOL!

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