Friday, March 6, 2009

Frugal Friday...Walgreens

Last post regarding my Frugal Friday adventures. I'm not going into great detail about these transactions since I have been talking about them all week. Transaction #1:
One of the Walgreens stores that I don't really frequent had the Aquafina water on sale for $2.99. I bought 4! I also bought 8 Dove soap bars. I'm not sure what happened, but I had to return 3 and bought 5 more and then got a refund and then got another refund because he didn't use the 99 cent coupon and then I paid $8 plus received a $10 register reward (RR). Like I said, I was confused but the manager did it all.

Transaction #2

I then went to another Walgreens and bought some more goodies.

5- Splenda 100 counts- $2.99 each - (5) $3.00 Q FREE **overage
8- Dove Soap Bars- 99 cents each

Total- ? Recieved a $10 RR

I have gone back to Walgreens a few more times and completed some more deals (2) to include some deodorant and of course more soap. I now have (4) $10 RR to use next week. I was planning on using these at Publix, but now I am going to be using them at Walgreens to buy more diapers! Yuck! I will then use those register rewards to pay for my groceries the next two weeks at Publix.

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Ruthanne said...

could you at least have Caroline sit next to the purchases so we can see pictures of her too? lol