Saturday, March 28, 2009

Super Savings Saturday...Publix (today)

I went to Publix tonight as well because I have a TON of coupons that I will be using which will produce a TON of overage. I started thinking and called Tutti (who confirmed my feelings) and decided that I would break up my transactions into two or three different ones. Why, you ask? I found out that Publix will only accept $50 worth of coupons before a manager must intercede. I was doing everything honestly, but didn't want the hassle. I was glad that I decided to go with this plan.
Transaction #1:
10- Goodlife Recipe Cat food- $2.25 each - (10) $3.00 MQ **Overage/FREE**
1- Huggies Wipes- $5.99 - $5.00 MQ
1- Perdue Nuggets- $2.20 - $1.00 MQ
2- Arm and Hammer Detergent- $3.99 each - (2) $1.00 MQ
2- Gallon Milk- $2.79 each
1- Canteloupe- 97 cents
Bananas- $1.47
Grapes- $.95
Used $5/$25 competitor coupon
OOP: $7.33
Savings: $76.62
I still have 12 more cat food coupons and I have some amazing Q's from BJ's to use. One includes producing a $6 overage and another one includes an $8 overage! We have been members of BJ's for about 9 years and the yearly cost is around $30. If I were to add up how much their coupons have saved me, I would have paid for my membership twice! The great thing is that many of their coupons are manufacturer coupons, which can be used anywhere! Because of this membership, I have gotten FREE wipes, baby shampoo, listerine, Splenda, pasta sauce, ice cream, vegetables, etc... Due to the overage of these coupons, I have gotten many other things FREE! Thank you BJ's!! So, if you combine the two coupons with the $5/$25 Q, we are talking LOTS of FREE groceries!!!


Debbie said...

Hey girl,

Just a quick note after reading this blog.

Publix is not supposed to take BJs Qs because they are usually for a much larger dollar amount than a regular MQ.

They are intended to be used on bulk item purchases which cost more and thus the MQ is more.

Most of the Publixs around here don't take them because it's not fair to the store. You are getting a big dollar amount off a smaller item or are getting more items than what is really intended for a grocery store's stock.


Bethany said...


Well, I guess it's a good thing that my Publix accepts them! :)