Thursday, March 5, 2009

Walgreens....I am in love with you!

I am not normally a huge fan of Walgreens, but do appreciate some of their great deals. This week, I have been to Walgreens 8 times! Yes, you read correctly...8 times! Now, each time I went I didn't necessarily buy anything, but just because they were sold out! I have pictures to post tomorrow, but there are some GREAT deals going on thru the end of March.

Take advantage of the buy 8 dove products and get $10 RR (register rewards) back. The Dove soap is on sale this week for 99 cents. BUT...the travel sized deodorant is 99 cents regular price. Buy 8 of them and get $10 back! BUT...use the $1.50/2 coupon in the Red Plum insert from 1/18 and get 8 for CHEAP! It's a no brainer!

Now, what do you do with the $10 RR? It's technically a manufacturer coupon, so it will scan anywhere. But, for sure, Publix takes them. I now have $40 in RR to use towards my groceries next week! I am not impressed with the sale at Publix this week, so I will probably save the majority of them and use them the next week.


LB said...

hey, did you get all of your RRs from the deodorant deal? I haven't done that deal yet, and I am scared they will be all out. I really want those RRs to use at Publix. I only have four coupons, I think, unless I have Thursday edition papers somewhere that will have extras in them.

Bethany said...

LB...the good news is that the dove deal is going to be going on all month long. I ran into one today and they still didn't have any more deodorant. I got my RR's from the deodorant and the soap. Sometimes I mixed them together if they didn't have enough for my coupons.