Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Publix Trip from last week

Last week was another semi-successful shopping trip at my favorite store...Publix! Why was it semi-successful? The cashier was in a foul mood and extremely rude! Funny thing is that she was a member of the customer service staff. Talk about customer service! Anyway...on with the details. I don't recall the majority of the details of the trip because I was out of town and now have lost my list. I do have my receipts to help jog my memory.

Transaction #1:
1- Rubbermaid Produce Saver Container- $2.25 - $1.00Q
1- Publix Tortilla Chip- mystery penny item
2- Raisin Bran Cereal- $2.00 each - $1.50 Q
1- Digiorno Pizza- $5.50 - $1.00 Food Lion Q
2- Crystal Light Mixes- $2.35 each- $1.00 Q
4- Progresso Soup- $1.25 each- (4) $1.10 Q
1- Revlon Emery Board- $1.69 - $2.50 PQ **overage**
1- Tylenol $3.71- $4.00 Q **overage**
Minus $5.00/$25.00 Competitor Q

OOP Total: $8.07
Savings: $38.13

Transaction #2:
2- Huggies Shampoo- $1.65 each- (2) .50 Food Lion Q - $3.00 Publix Q **overage**
1- Huggies Diapers- $19.99- $3.00 Q- $2.00 Q- $3.00 PQ
1- Kraft Caramel Baking Bits- $.65 (clearance)
1- Ronzoni Linguine- $.65
1- Publix Tortilla Chips- Mystery Penny Item
2- Revlon Emery Boards- $1.69 each - (2) $2.50 PQ **overage**
Bananas- $.81
Apples- $1.80
Avocados- $2.58 (not a good deal)
Minus $5.00/$25.00 Competitor Q

Total OOP- $8.70
Savings- $33.85

Transaction #3:
8- Green Giant Frozen Veggies- $8.00- (4) $.50 Q doubled
3- Totinos Pizza Rolls- $1.89 each- (3) $.35 Q doubled
2- Revlon Emery Board- $1.69 each - (2) $1.69 PQ ** no overage this time)
2- Aleve Medicine- $3.59 each- $4.00 PQ- (2) $1.00 Q
2- Tylenol- $3.71 each- **Just realized she didn't give me my $4.00 each coupons!**
2- Progesso Broth- $1.29- (2) $1.25 Q
1- Italian Ice- $1.60
Minus $5.00/$25.00 Competitor Q

Total OOP: $14.21 (should have been $6.21)
Savings: $40.09

Grand Total: $30.98

Always check your receipts! I knew something was wrong when she told me the last total, but I couldn't figure out what it was. I should have stood there a bit longer, but with an impatient toddler and a rude cashier and bagger (my favorite guy was on lunch break), I just wanted out of there! ARRGG! I could have had an extra $6, but I guess I shouldn't be too upset with the total. I didn't have to buy my usual milk and creamer because we were out of town for 5 days. I still had milk left in the fridge for when we returned, so that helped cut the cost.

I also haven't had to buy meat lately, so that has helped on the savings a TON! It makes a difference in your budget when you finally get a good stockpile in your pantry.

Check back on Friday for several great Frugal Friday posts. I have bought a TON of stuff this week and was surprised at how far $40 stretched! :)

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