Monday, March 2, 2009

Another delay in posts...we went home

Sorry once again for the delay in posts. Tim had to go out of town to Nashville for several days, so Caroline, the dogs, and me hitched a ride to go see my parents. We met up in Nashville and I went home with them. It was a good time, we were spoiled by homecooked meals, shopping trips, and not having to worry about ANYTHING! It was like a mini vacation.

We visited with my aunts, uncles and cousin Jetty. They gave Caroline the CUTEST outfits...a UK Cheerleader outfit and a UK warm-up suit! I joked with Caroline and told her she could have her choice of sports...whichever one was winning, she could wear that outfit! :)

My parents live in a remote town where the nearest mall is about an hour away. I haven't been to Paducah in about 6 years, so we decided it was time to go. Dillard's was having an AMAZING sale! It really made me miss the Dillards Kentucky sales. They were always the BEST! We then went to Gymboree where I picked up several outfits ranging from $1.99-$3.99 for next year! Can't beat those prices!

On Saturday we just chilled out and hung around the house. It was a good thing because we ended up getting 4 inches of snow! Caroline had a great time playing in it! She started crying because I wouldn't let her go outside immediately. She brought me her coat and shoes and sat down at the door until I would get her dressed! Too funny! I'll post pictures of this soon.

We met back up on Sunday to come back to Atlanta where we were greeted with more snow and ice! YUCK! I thought living in the south meant no more yucky weather! The snow and ice here just melt away and leave a gross mess and you can't really enjoy it. It's funny because the local schools were closed today and now (where I live) there isn't any ice or even snow left! Where we grew up, we never would have been out of school today! I've got to go get milk for Caroline...I wonder if there will be any left??? :)

Grocery Store Updates:
I'm not to excited about going and doing major grocery store shopping this week, so I think that I will pick up milk for Caroline and just some fresh produce. This week will be a great week to live off of our stockpile and save money. I still have plenty of chicken and ground turkey breast in the freezer, so we'll just figure it out. I do plan on going to Super Target to get strawberries for 99 cents/pound. I am going to freeze them and make them into smoothies for us, YUMMY!
I will post my frugal Friday sometime today from last week. I don't plan on going out of town for quite some time so all regular posts will resume.

Adoption Story Update:
I will be posting Part 3 later this week. I will also be giving you background information on our agency. I realized that after reading my the posts that our agency sounded somewhat decent, which WAS NOT TRUE! I want to make sure that you all understand that they were almost as evil (maybe even just the same) as Teo.

Shopping Trip:
I want to go up to Suwanee next week to a cute children's boutique that Tim found. They are having a tent sale. Not sure what the sale prices will be, but still want to go. Anyone want to go with me???? BECKY???????? :)


jeck said...

Awww I wished I had known you guys were in town!!! Oh well maybe next time!! The snow was beautiful wasn't it?!?!

Have a great week!

Becky Scott said...

Me, me, me. Count me in. What days are the sale? Next Monday or Wednesday would be best for me. I'd only have Andrea in the morning. :)

Ondrea Harrison said...

Huh, what tent sale? I am dying for the details now, please share!

I loved reading about your trip home... funny to be on your blog and be reading about home and knowing that your family is my family but yet I haven't seen you since you were probably in elementary school. Funny isn't it that we both ended up adopting internationally... in alot of ways we are a long way from home!

Was your dad Mary Jane's or Preston's brother? well, duh, I guess I should know the answer to this because Mary Jane was Aunt Jeanette's daughter and I think her only son was Eddie, right? So that would have made your dad Preston's brother??? I'm totally confused. Just so you know, too, Mary Jane could not stop talking about how precious Caroline is. :)

Natasha said...

Which tent sale is it? I live in Suwanee, and I would love to meet you in person! Plus I love sales!