Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Tour of Homes

Obviously, this is my mantle. I normally decorate it a bit different, but since I was running out of time, I threw it together. Notice that I only have 2 stockings. We are still looking for the perfect one for Caroline. Don't worry, she'll have one before Christmas Eve!

This is my snow table in the entryway. I have a small UK Christmas tree on the table with special UK ornaments.

My favorite part of my decorations is my tree. I collect glass ornaments and each one of them tells a story. As I hang them up, I fondly remember when, where, and why I chose that specific ornament. This is the top half of my tree.

This is a more complete view of the tree.

A somewhat close-up of my Angel tree topper decorated with poinsettas, holly, and ivy.

This Wedding Ornament is one of the first ornaments that I bought after we first got married.

We got this ornament at our first Sunday School Christmas Party here in Georgia.

My new ornament this year and I LOVE it. It's not my traditional glass ornament, but after this past year, this ornament sums up our life. God has shown us amazing amounts of GRACE...

My Christopher Radko Kentucky ornament. I love the details!

The garland hanging in my doorway into the dining room. No, I still don't have my table decorated yet! :(

The other doorway into my dining room decorated with garland.

There is an amazing website called BooMama who is hosting a Christmas Tour of Homes 2008. She's gotten a HUGE response and has been doing it at least for two years. I thought it would be nice to participate this year, but with all the craziness around here, I wasn't able to get my decorations up in time. So, I thought that I would post a few pictures of my decorations and then give you the link to see hundreds of other houses. I am really going to step it up next year in anticipation of the 2009 Tour of Homes. Hope you enjoy a sneak peek...

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