Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Walgreens Deals

Since I am a newbie to coupons and definitely a newbie to Walgreens, I didn't get the best deal possible. I had read that the sale this week is spend $25 BEFORE coupons, get $5 back on your next purchase. I was armed and ready. I had my coupons, my calculator and my tired child! :) When I got to the register, the cashier and I had a little debate on how to get the $5 back (she won...she wouldn't let me get the $5 back until after I handed over my coupons). So, not the best scenario, but not the worst. I got a TON of things and wait until you see my savings...

Before Coupons: $140
After Coupons: Paid $30 OOP and I ended up with $10 to spend on my next purchase, so technically I spent $20!!!!

I think that Publix will take these coupons,so that will be awesome. Does anyone know if Publix will take Walgreens Register Rewards Coupons? My store takes Walgreens coupons.

I got:

7 boxes of cereal
2 packs of 12 roll Angel Soft toilet paper
4 Arm and Hammer Laundry Detergent
2 Reynold's Wrap Foil
3 Robitussin syrups
3 Theraflu 6 count packs
2 Maybelline Lipstick and gloss
3 Jello boxes
2 Sure Deoderants
2 Vienna Sausages
1 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (filler item)
2 24 Aquafina Water Bottle packs (not pictured, still in car)

I guess I didn't do too bad???

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Debbie said...

Wow! You must have had a ton of coupons. I only had one Kellogg's coupon, so I could only get one box. I also only had one Angel Soft coupon. I did get the Robitussin, and since the Tussin and the Thereflus were tied together in the $5 back deal, I only bought the Robitussin. I got the Maybelline products, like you did. CVS has the Arm & Hammers on ECBs this week, so I was waiting to buy them there.

You did good, and for the record, I've only been to Walgreens 2x so far since I've started this couponing things, and it's been a pain both times. I am hoping it gets better. The first time, I had a cashier that tried to tell me the cash back coupons were based on SALE prices, which isn't true at all, and the 2nd time, the register wouldn't take my cash back coupons.

Finally, the Asst. Store Mgr. came up to help. Bottom line, that we found out, is that you have to ring up the Walgreens RR first before all other coupons!