Sunday, December 21, 2008

CVS Trip at 7:30 AM!

This week, CVS had some awesome sales for ECB's (extra care on a receipt) and with my coupons, I was going to have an amazing time! Since my CVS isn't a 24 hour store, my sale should have started last night. Armed with my coupons, I headed out to find that my sale wouldn't start until tomorrow at 7AM. So, I set the alarm and got there at 7:30 to discover there were other hard core couponers already there! One lady was in town from Tampa!

I worked so hard to match my coupons with the best deals and had three ultimate scenarios to spend $2.00 oop. hard work didn't pay off because some of the products weren't there, so I spent more out of pocket than I had planned. But, I did come home with great deals and I have about $25 ECB to spend for my next trip. I am getting low on diapers and wipes, so it may be the time to "wash" my ECB and spend it on something that's not on sale, but desperately needed. I didn't take pictures, but here's what I got:

2-L'Oreal eyeshadows
2-Arm and Hammer Essential Starter Kits
4-Hello Kitty BandAids
1-Excedrin Express Gels
2-Gillette Fusion Razors
2-Gillette Body Wash/Shampoos

I may have gotten some more, but I can't remember!

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