Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year=New Look and Music

Obviously, you can see the new look for our blog. I also added new music as well. I suppose I was craving some classics, meaning Frank Sinatra. As I was adding some music, I decided to add Michael Buble (after all he is Ol' Blue Eye's spawn) and I added a funny song for Tim.

Story behind the Brad Paisley song "I'm still a guy"...Our Sunday School class has been studying the differences between Men and Women over the last several weeks. Last week, we were discussing women's love languages, which is about 10 compared to the guy's which is 3. Ummm....wonder why??? :) Anyway, one was Affection. Not to be confused with sex (as in the men's). I started laughing and then piped up "When a backrub means just a backrub" (from the song if you aren't familiar with it). Almost every girl in the class started chiming in lyrics. Oh, well, it's now a funny joke in our this just a backrub??? ;) This song is for you Tim!

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