Sunday, December 7, 2008

Confessions of a Stay at Home Mom

Not really, but a little bit! ;) I have put on my official "Super MOM" hat this week. Huge plans ahead for the family....Christmas tree decorations, house decorations, UK Christmas tree (may forgo this one HAHAHAHA), lights outside, garland, two craft shows (small ones but with HUGE custom orders), coupons to cut out and organize, deals to be made, listing Wii and Wii Fit on Ebay, and photos taken at the house. Whew! Did I mention that I will need to clean the house because the photographer is coming here and what about cooking? AND, we have a party on Friday night and leaving for Savannah, GA on Saturday morning for a long weekend.
I have already failed! This "Super Mom" business is way too hard! My "visitor" came early (not that we ever know when we get a visit) but I am now sick for the next couple of days. I have managed to drug myself up on prescription meds but I am being very cautious with the heating pads. Yes, I said pads, plural tense. Last time, I managed to burn myself by placing a ThermaCare heating pad and a regular heating pad on top of it. Stupid, I know, but way too much to do last month as well.
On a great note, I have been doing so well on our coupons, that I managed to have our faithful housecleaner come back to help me out. She's AWESOME! She used to come every week, but now that I am staying at home, I can only have her come once a month. So, she came last week to clean before I managed to make a mess with the decorations! Funny thing...Do you clean your house before your cleaner comes? I was sweeping, making up beds, and even light cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms. Weird, huh?

One of my neighbors who has two boys always told me to dress up my child before going out in public. It makes them look cute and people will seemingly excuse any little tantrums. IT IS SO TRUE! Caroline and I have been going to many stores lately to get the best deals. Now that it is Christmas time, I have been really dressing her up in all these cute outfits that my mom made her.

"How adorable! Hi sweet little girl! How old are you?"
Ignore, if not, then adamently shaking her head no.
"Hahaha, how funny! You are so cute!"
VERY adamently shaking her head no and I am praying that she doesn't scream.
"Did you have your pictures made today? You look so adorable."
SCREAM and shaking head even more....
"Oh my...well you are just a cutie!"

This is almost an everyday occurence. However, on Thursday, we were in Kroger and this lady almost runs smack dab into us. Apparently, she recognized Caroline and then me, but I have no idea who she is! I have an amazing memory for faces, but not so much for names. THINK....THINK....THINK.... Caroline starts smiling and playing her "I'm adorable game." OH NO...pressure to come up with a name... KIDSPLAY teacher from across the hall...NO NAME!!!! Anyway, I am saved because they said a hello and goodbye. I guess I need to get her name on Tuesday and file it in my memory.

Enough rambling, must be the heavy dose of meds! By the way, I am so sick of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! WANT TO THROW UP!!!!! It's now an everyday must!

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Melinda said...

I'm a lurker and a fellow guat-mama! Just wanted to say I hope you have a great trip to Savannah! I'll be down there too with my daughter (we're leaving tomorrow!) Safe travels and Happy Holidays!