Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tired...That's Me!

You know the wall that you see coming right at you? The wall that seems to be getting closer and closer but you just can't seem to avoid hitting it? Yeah, I think we all know that wall... That wall just hit me upside the head. I am officially tired. We had Caroline's photo session this morning. I gave her a bath, lotioned her up and put on her smocked Nativity dress. She was in a perfect mood, until the camera came out. All of a sudden, she started screaming and crying and refused to have anything to do with Kelly. We decided that it was my presence and she would come back tonight when Tim was here. I was going to leave the house and do something else while she attempted to get the perfect picture. As she was leaving, Caroline waving goodbye, her mood instantly changed. Kelly managed to capture some of Caroline's funny moments and cute smiles (outside of my doorway). Little one decided that she didn't want her picture taken in front of my tree, but instead next to the $2.00 Wal-Mart trees outside! How funny!

Last night we had Bunco at a local Mexican restaurant. I know some groups play for gift cards or presents, but my group...we play for dinero (money)! After we ate, we played a Secret Santa with ornaments and then played Left, Right, Center. It's a dice game that is super fun and the winner from last night ended up with $60! No, I didn't win, but I normally am very lucky and usually win! So, in other words, I went out last night and didn't clean...

To top it all off, Caroline is getting sick again. I think it's just a cold (due to it now being 74 degrees). I have a HUGE headache from the outside pressure, so I'm sure that we are suffering from the extreme weather changes.

Now with all that said, do I stop my craziness and begin cleaning (we have visitors coming tomorrow)? No, I now made a tennis date to play this afternoon. I arranged a babysitter and then off to hit some balls. Oh, how I love wacking those balls!!!!

So, off to collect my newspapers (after all it is Thursday), then to play tennis for an hour or so, and then back to cleaning. I'll leave you now with some pictures of Caroline from yesterday. I was trying to do a practice run for the photo session today. Too bad it didn't help! :)


Melinda said...

Caroline is as beautiful as always! Sounds like you had a great time in Savannah! Maybe next time we can meet up!


Leah and Maya said...

Oh she's beautiful anyway, but i know getting that perfect picture is important, after all its our first christmas AT HOME with our girls! My mom came over and I showed her your blog, she couldn't believe it was Caroline, she hasn't seen her since she was a little baby. Your house looks gorgeous, and sorry we are below zero here with over 2 feet of snow, 74 degree's sounds like really nice weather, although I love winter at christmas time.

Ruthanne said...

She is SO big!! I can't believe it! She is absolutely stunning. Those eyes are amazing.