Monday, December 29, 2008

Wonderful Sales!

This week, I wasn't too impressed with the sales at my beloved Publix or Kroger. I am not an expert at the CVS Extra Care Bucks, but did pretty decent this week. I didn't take pictures because I went before church on Sunday and put away my goodies before Caroline rolled out of bed. I had several coupons for vitamins, candy, and toothpaste. I purchased:

10 bags of chocolate (perfect for baking cookies)
2 Pantene shampoo and conditioner
2 Colgate toothpastes
8 spools of curling ribbon
4 bottles of Vitamin C

I paid 23 cents and the vitamins were for my mom who paid $3.96. Great deals!!

I also went to Walgreen's (had a horrific experience on Sunday night) walked out with nothing. I then went to my normal Walgreens today and got 5 Robitussin cough syrups and received $20 back in register rewards. I also used $2 off coupons. The register rewards, I will use at Publix next week for my groceries.

Tim found a cute little boutique up in Duluth, so Caroline and I ventured up there to have lunch with Daddy and do a bit of shopping. We only bought one dress at the boutique, but will be going back in the next couple of weeks. They will be having a monster sale if you're on the mailing list. I will be looking for Christmas dresses and winter outfits for next year! Thanks Daddy! After having lunch, Caroline and I ventured over to the Forum to do a little more shopping. We went to Gymboree, Harry and David, and then to Trader Joes. We love TJ's!!!

We had a great day and plan on staying around the house tomorrow. We are going to Bath and Body Works tomorrow to pick up some wallflowers for my mom and my Aunt Janie gave me a gift card to there. I love this time because it is their semi-annual sale. I stockpile my gift cards for this sale! I also have to go to Wal-Mart for a quick errand, but we will playing with our new kitchen and blocks.

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Maggie said...

Hello! Merry Christmas! It's been a while since I left a comment for you guys. We check in on your blog on a regular basis - and we love to see the pictures of all of's wonderful to see how Caroline has grown and is so happy with you! We're all doing well, also. Brendan and Brianna enjoyed their first Christmas together - it was great! We're sending you our best wishes for a New Year blessed with even more happiness! Glad to be in touch, Maggie, Tom, Brendan & Brianna