Friday, August 21, 2009

Blog Giveaway at Tribal Talk!

My friend Tutti over at Tribal Talk is offering a very cool blog giveaway! Cultures for Health is giving one lucky reader cultures for health yogurt and kefir starters. What does this mean? It means that you no longer have to buy yogurt filled with artificial perservatives or whatever else is in there! YOU will now have the power (and the goodies) to start making your very own fresh yogurt! How cool is that?!

This is what Tutti has to say, "With help from Cultures for Health, making it was easy and simple. In fact, it is so easy that I make small batches and make a new one every other day or so. I do this because I love the fresh taste of the yogurt, but it would last up to a week in my refrigerator before I had to make a new one.

I use the Pima yogurt and milk kefir grains to eat with raw honey, add to smoothies, and ferment my grains before cooking. My kids love it because I let them take their spoon and by themselves, scoop out some raw honey straight from the honey jar.To read more about the benefits of culturing your own yogurt, go here."

This total package retails around $30 (not including shipping) BUT can be yours for FREE! Go to Tribal Talk and sign up now! The giveaway ends on Sunday at midnight!!! Good luck!

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