Saturday, August 22, 2009

Walgreen's Shopping Trip

These are Register Rewards (RR) from Wags.
I went to Walgreen's for the first time in what seems like months. I was pretty excited about the deals that I got and definitely the RR's that printed out!
6- Huggies Wipes- $2.79ea - (6- $2.00 WQ and 6 $.50 MQ)= $1.74
8- Bic Highlighters- $.39 ea- (3- $1.00/2 MQ)= FREE+++
1- Softsoap Body Wash- $3.99
4- Stickers- $.25 ea (clearance)
Total: $50.94
Total OOP: $9.39
BUT....I received $5.00 RR and $4.00 RR, so technically, I was $.39 OOP! I will now turn around and use the RR's to pay for my groceries at Publix.

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