Sunday, August 9, 2009

Super Savings...Publix-Saved $289.61!!

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I had such a wonderful experience yesterday at the Lovejoy Publix, that I decided to go back today. Since Food Lion (FL) is considered a competitor (I called to confirm again today), I needed to use some more charcoal coupons. I found a raincheck I had for 12 bags at $6.99 each, so with the MQ and the FL Q, the charcoal would be free. I had to use all the raincheck quantity, so I gathered all the necessary coupons, made a quick inventory of essentials around the house and headed out the door. I just love a great challenge!

Transaction Details:
12- Charcoal $6.99 ea- (12- $4 MQ and 12 $3.00 FL Q)= Free+
12- KC BBQ Sauce $1.69 ea- (12- $2.00 MQ and 6- $1.00/2 FL Q)= Free++
13- Pork Various Prices $5.47, $3.90, $2.25, $3.10, $1.17, $1.61, $1.27, $2.23, $5.99, $1.01, $1.79, $1.73, $1.81- (12- $6.00 MQ and 1- $3.00 MQ)= Free+++++++
2- Crest Toothpaste $1.89 ea- (2- $.50 MQ and 2- $1.00 PQ)= Free++
1- Gallon Milk $2.00- (Free MQ rang up $4.00)= Free++
1- Half Gallon Chocolate Milk $2.49- (Free MQ wyb gallon milk rang up $3.75)= Free++
2- Covergirl Products $2.49 ea- (1- $2.50/2 MQ and 2- $2.00 PQ)= Free+++
1- Publix Bread- $1.25- ($2.00 MQ wyb 2 fruit snacks)= Free++
1- Knox Gelatin- $1.39- (1- $4.00 MQ)= Free+++
1- Honey Bunches Pecan Cereal $1.99- (1- $2.00 MQ)= Free

2- Fruit Snacks- $1.47 ea- (2- $.50 MQ doubled)= $.95
1- Crisco Olive Oil $3.25- (1- $1.00 MQ)= $2.25
2- Kraft Cheese- $.66 ea- (2- $1.00 MQ)= $1.32
1- Publix Cheese Pizza $4.69- (1- Penny item)= $.01

1- Bath Sponge- $1.69
3- Deer Park Water- $3.99 ea= $11.97
3- Mexicorn $.87 ea= $2.61
1- Black Bean Can- $.83
1- Corn Tortilla- $.99
1- Lays Potato Chips- $2.00
1- Dozen Eggs- $1.39
1- Stone Ground Mustard- $3.45
1- Turkey Bacon- $2.39
1- Oscar Mayer Lunch Meat- $3.00
1- bag of Red Potatoes- $3.99
1- Grapes- $1.13
1- Strawberry- $2.50
Onions- $1.34
Okra- $.54
Apple- $.63
Watermelon- $3.49
Spaghetti Squash- $1.95

Total: $291.95
Total OOP: $2.34 (-$5.54 before tax)

I had to have manager intervention at the very end because the last $6.00 MQ put me with a negative balance. After he approved it, he just shook his head in disbelief but he smiled. The customers behind me were amazed and even one guy said he wanted to be my friend. :)

It has been reported that the registers have been reprogrammed to accept more than the $50 MQ limit. Obviously they have! Yay!!! This is great news for couponers! But, remember to have equal amount of items as coupons. This helps keeps the manager away. ;)

I decided at the last minute to use my $4.00 Knox printable coupon to help get my OOP as low as possible. I am very glad I did!


Tammy said...

What is MQ...I'm trying to learn from the Master couponer! I just don't know where to start!

Bethany said...

Hey Tammy! You are too sweet!

A MQ is a manufacturer coupon. They are the majority of coupons used.

PQ is a Publix coupon, FL is a food lion coupon, and TQ is a target coupon.

I got your message and I'm trying to figure out how to best help you with your question. :)

Start with collecting as many coupons as possible. I would suggest buying the double pack of coupons each week on Sunday. When you are at the grocery store, always grab the blinkie coupons (the dispensers that flash on the shelf). You never know when they will come in handy. :) Caroline is now trained to spot them down the aisles and gets upset if I don't get a couple.

Natasha said...

Wow, that is just amazing!

I was also able to take advantage of the charcoal deal. Thank you for making me feel better a couple of weeks ago when I told you that I had gotten charcoal coupons off of ebay, after the charcoal sale was over! I am glad that I was albe to use them this week! I got 10 bags at 3 different stores. None of the 3 stores in my area will do overages. I had to buy at least $6.00 worth of pork for each coupon that I had. But it was still worth it!

Bethany said...

Natasha, your stores should be allowing you to use your $6.00 Pork coupons for overage. It's a MQ, so they shouldn't adjust the coupon. Since you aren't pairing it with a PQ (which they can adjust), it should just scan through. What are the reasons they are giving you as to why you are having to spend $6.00 on pork? My argument would be (as I have had this before)it is a MQ, the store will be reimbursed the full value of the coupon plus 8cents for handling. DON'T adjust the coupon.

Just my two cents. :)

Tutti said...


Debbie said...

Good grief! You are killing me girl!

I thought I did good this week, but you are cracking me up with doing 12 pork deals! LOL!!!

Go girl!

Debbie said...

Good grief! You are killing me girl!

I thought I did good this week, but you are cracking me up with doing 12 pork deals! LOL!!!

Go girl!