Sunday, August 2, 2009

Publix Shop Friday night 7/31

We had Caroline's open house at her new preschool on Friday night. After we left there, I dropped the familia off and headed to Publix. I had some awesome coupons that produced major overage expiring today (7/31) and I refused to let them go to waste. However, I didn't have much of a plan, forgot coupons and the calculator and seemed to be aimlessly wandering the aisles! My friend Tutti met me at the store, brought me some coupons and we "bartered" for some of the J & J products. ;)

Transaction Details (be sure to check bottom for some notes):
12- Band aids- $.79 ea (6- $3/2 MQ and 4- $5.00 PQ)= Free++++
3- J & J First Aid Kits- $1.47 ea (see below)
3- J & J gauze- $1.79, $1.99, $1.99 (3- $3/2 MQ and 2- $5.00 PQ)= Free++++
12- Apple & Eve Juice- $1.39 ea (12- $.50 MQ doubled and 12- $1.00 PQ)= Free++
7- Reach Floss-$1.49 ea (7- $1.00 MQ and 7- $1.00 PQ)= Free++
3- Carefree Pads- $1.39 ea (3- $.50 MQ doubled and 1- $3.00 PQ)= Free++
2- Velveeta Boxes- $.99 ea (1- $1.50/2 MQ)= $.49
2- Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges- $2.00 ea ($.55 MQ)= $2.90
3- Lipton Organic Green Tea- $2.39 ea (3- $1.00 MQ)= $4.17
1- TGIF sandwich- $2.99 ($1.00 MQ)= $1.99
1- Gatorade 8 pack- $5.00
2- Milk- $2.25 ea= $5.00
2- Water- $4.49 ea= $8.98
1- Seedless Watermelon- $3.99 ($1.00 MQ wyb laughing cow)= $2.99
1- Cantaloupe- $2.00 ($1.00 MQ wyb laughing cow)= $1.00
7- Saturn Peaches- $.25 ea= $1.75
1- Half and Half- $3.39
1- Coors Light- $9.49 (for a tennis party)
2- Arnold Bread- $1.99 ea= $3.98 (rang up wrong...refunded money)
1- Egg- $1.39
1- Carrot Stix- $1.99
Apples- $1.67
Bananas (not pictured)= $.54

Total: $129.88

Total OOP: $19.08 ($13.75 before tax)

Note: Cashier did NOT take off $5 competitor coupon. Didn't realize it until much later.

Note: I forgot to give a $1.00 Target coupon for the apples. :(

Note: When I got to the car, I knew my total was quite a bit higher than it should have been. I scanned my receipt and realized the Arnold Bread rang up wrong. I took my receipt and the two loaves of bread back in the store. The manager greeted me, I told her the situation and we walked back to the bread aisle. She couldn't grasp the signage. She kept telling me that the sign said for the 22 oz loaf and I had the 1lb and 6 oz loaf. I insisted that it was the same item. She said no...What?? So, I had to pull 4th grade math teacher and break it down for her. There are 16 oz in a pound so 16 plus 6 is 22 oz. This took several tries before she gave up and walked me to the customer service desk. I received a refund for $4.00ish. The first loaf at $2.98 was refunded and then a price adjustment for the second loaf plus some tax.

So, all in all my total should have been around $8.00. I have to look at this in a positive taught me a lesson. ALWAYS check the receipt BEFORE you walk out AND WATCH those registers!

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