Saturday, August 8, 2009

Super Shop at Publix today! OOP $1.00!!

Went to Food Lion in Fayetteville today...I guess it's okay...
Picture is minus 4 more bags of Charcoal!

I have been dying to do the Charcoal deal at Publix but it hasn't really been the most opportune time for various reasons. NOW, was the time! Tim's out of town and it's just us girls, so we loaded up in the car and went for a drive to Fayetteville. They had a new Food Lion (FL) open up and as an avid couponer, I was dying to check out the competition (or great deals!). We walked around and gathered a few coupons (no tearpads, sniff..sniff) and happily went on to Publix. We really didn't need anything because I went to Trader Joe's on Wednesday (spent almost $60 on organic produce and wine). But, my new found knowledge of the close FL was burning a hole in my pocket, along with the competitor coupons. :)
Here's the scoop...
Transaction Details:
6- Kingsford Charcoal Bags- $6.99 (raincheck price)- (6- $4.00 MQ and 6- $3.00 FL Q)= Free+
6- Pork packages- Various prices- $14.13- (6- $6.00 MQ)= FREE++++
6- KC BBQ Sauce- $1.69 ea (4- Free BBQ wyb Charcoal and 2- $2.00 MQ and 3- $1.00/2 FL Q)= Free++
1- Gallon Milk- $2.00 (Free MQ rang up $4.00)= Free++
1- Half gallon Chocolate Milk- $2.49 (Free MQ rang up $3.75)= Free++
1- Cover girl make up sponge- $2.49 ($2.00 PQ)= $.49
1- Cover girl pencil sharpener- $2.40 ($2.00 PQ and $2.50/2 MQ)= Free++
2- Pepperidge Farm Bread- $1.99 ea (2- $.55 MQ)= $2.88
2- Glad storage bags- $2.50 ea (2- $.75 MQ)= $3.50
2- Deer Park Water- $3.99 ea= $7.98
1- Purpose Face Soap- $5.59 (no coupon)
1- Strawberries Pack- $2.50
Grapes- $1.64
2- Cloves of Garlic- $.62
Okra- $.64
1- Green Onion- $.50
1- Snow Peas- $.64
2- Jalapeno Pepper- $.12
Total: $139.68
Total OOP: $1.16 (-$2.96 before tax)
Note: The two milk coupons gave me unexpected overage! Yay!
Note: I only paid $1.00 OOP because the man who was bagging my groceries was so impressed, he pitched in the $.16 so I wouldn't have to get back a ton of change. After a bit of "no thank you's", I just gave in. So thanks!
Note: I had heard that the registers for Publix had been reprogrammed to accept more than the $50 coupon limit and obviously they have. I had to have manager intervention because the last coupon (the free chocolate milk) put me into the negatives. That is why my total is so low.
All in all, I am very pleased with my shopping trip and look forward to making more deals work later this week. I am trying to drastically reduce our intake of processed foods and increase our fruit and vegetable intake, along with fresh meat. So this should be very interesting! I am hoping you will continue to see a drastic decrease in boxed foods and an increase in 'real' foods.


LB said...

as usual, I am so impressed!! How far is the drive to Fayetteville?

Bethany said...

From your house it would be a super easy drive to Food Lion! I went out Jonesboro Road and crossed over Tara Blvd. (Lovejoy Publix is on the right) Turned left onto County Line Rd, went two miles and it was on the left. It's 7 miles from the Publix in Lovejoy. I called them this morning to see if FL was a competitor and she said yes. But, when I got to Publix, there was some question about it. They let me use my Q's because I had called that morning.

Debbie said...

Wow, Bethany! You are the woman! That was awesome!!!

We have a new (well, not so anymore) FL near us, and I love it. I don't get there often because they don't have the deals like the other stores, but it is so darn cute on the inside! I really enjoy going to it when I need something there.