Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Thank you Publix for paying for my groceries!

Blogger has messed up the order of my pictures once again!!

This is the same picture as the day before because I didn't have time to take another one! I now have 13 more bags of charcoal and one more case of water than what is now pictured...
This picture combines 2 different shopping transactions

Like I previously said, Caroline and I went to Publix once again to do the charcoal deal. I bought the $4.00 MQ on Ebay a few months ago and the FL Q was expiring on the 11th. We loaded up the car and away we went.

We went to the first store (Lovejoy) to see how many bags of charcoal they had in stock. They had 5 bags (ummm...wonder why?? LOL!) I met the Grocery Manager and after several minutes of talking, he called the Fayetteville Store to check on their inventory for me. I decided that I wouldn't purchase any more other than the 5 from this store. Did my shop and was successful until I went to the register. The casheir demanded all of my coupons up front and then wrote down the quantity of multiple items. I wasn't worried because I knew all of my coupons were legit but I was a bit worried because of the "overage". She then told me that they do not accept FL as a competitor. I asked her to call the manger over. The asst. customer service manager came over and said the same thing. After several minutes of debating, I asked her to ask her manager. She relucantly walked towards him (he was coming my way) and I was able to overhear the conversation. The "big man" said, "yes, FL is a competitor and we do accept them." She then tried to argue with him! He became really annoyed with her and stood his ground. She came back, said apparently we do accept them, but didn't apologize. Oh well...

It was successful until my balance went into the negative. Another Customer Staff member came over to override the system and this is where it went downhill. The cashier waited to input the last of my PQ's for the Sundown vitamins. I had one left which would have made my balance around $1.00. Now, we all know that Publix has the right to downgrade their store coupons and you can't argue with it. However, I think perception is everything. You could tell that when she was explaining to me what happened that she didn't really want to downgrade and "fix" the rest of my PQ's. So, I suggested that I just pay the balance and we call it even. She happily agreed and I went on my merry way.

I then decided to go to the next Publix and buy the remainder of the charcoal since the deal ended on that day. But, I had to run into ALDI and buy an insulated bag for my charcoal and dairy products.

This shopping trip was successful and stress free (other than Caroline needing to go potty during the middle of my shop. She yelled out "doo dooooooo!!!" in the middle of the aisle). :)

Transaction Details:

13- Charcoal $7.99 ea- (13- $4.00 MQ and 13- $3.00 FL Q)= $12.87
13- KC BBQ Sauce $1.69 ea- (13- $2.00 MQ and 6- $1.00/2 FL Q)= Free+++++
13- Pork- various prices= $12.98 (5- $6.00 MQ)= Free+++++
4- Covergirl Products $2.49 ea- (2- $2.50/2 MQ and 4- $2.00 PQ)= Free+++
1- Crest Toothpaste- $1.89 ea- (1- $.50 MQ doubled and 1- $1.00 PQ)= Free+
10- Sundown Vitamins $2.20 to $3.79- (5- $5.00/2 MQ and 5- $6.00/2 PQ)= Free+++
2- Publix Bread $1.25 ea- (2- $2.00 MQ wyb Keebler Snack)= Free++
1- Lime $.25- (1- $2.00 MQ wyb Keebler snack)= Free+++
1- Lemon $.43- (1- $2.00 MQ wyb Keebler snack)= Free++
Bananas $.77- (1- $2.00 MQ wyb Keebler snack)= Free++
2- Crisco Olive Oil $3.24 ea- (2- $1.00 MQ)= $4.49
1- Welch's Grape Jelly $1.50- (1- $.75 MQ)= $.75
1- Half and Half Creamer $1.09- (1- $.55 MQ wyb Welch's)= $.54
4- Kraft Cheese $1.66 ea- (4- $.50 MQ doubled)= $2.64
6- Keebler Sandwich Crackers $2.00 ea- (3- $1.00/2 MQ)= $9.00
4- Keebler Fruit Snacks $1.48 ea- (2- $1.00/2 MQ)= $3.90
3- Healthy Choice Mixer $3.00 ea- (1- Free wyb 2)= $6.00
1- Turkey Bacon- $2.39
2- Tennis Balls $2.99 ea= $5.98
1- Sugar- $2.39
Jalapeno Pepper- $.14
Serrano Pepper- $.18
Okra- $.54
Garlic- $.60
Apples- $1.27
Total: $219.15
Total OOP: $5.45 (-$1.87 before tax)

Note: The cashier didn't take off my $1.00/2 FL Q's for the BBQ sauce, so my total could have been lower. I began to get confused with her system as she was inputting coupons and then taking them off and separating them and piling them up... You get the picture....

8- Charcoal $7.99 ea (7- $4.00 MQ and 7- $3.00 FL Q)= $7.92
8- KC BBQ Sauce $1.69 ea- (8- $2.00 MQ and 4- $1.00/2 FL Q)= Free+++
6- Sundown Vitamins $3.59- $3.79 ea- (3- $5.00/2 MQ and 3- $6.00/2 PQ)= Free++
8- Pork..various prices= $18.58 (8- $6.00 MQ)= Free+++++
2- Campbell's Soup $.75 ea (rang up wrong but didn't realize it until now)- $2.00
2- Lamb Chops- $4.46
1- Cooling Bag- $2.99 (needed this for the ride home for the pork/dairy)
1- Dried Fruit- $2.50
2- Weight Watcher Smart Ones $1.67 ea= $3.94
2- Healthy Harvest Meals $2.00 ea= $4.00
1- Deer Park Water- $3.99
1- Purpose Face Cleaner- $2.39
Pears- $.57
Bell Pepper- $1.85
Total: $192.22
Total OOP: $3.75 (-$3.17 before taxes)
Grand Total: $411.37
Grand Total OOP: $9.20

Note: I will be submitting for a $10 rebate from Kellogg's, so technically I am -$.80 for all of my groceries! Now that's a great day at Publix!


Tammy said...

I am amazed...just amazed. I'm trying to be inspired, but for now, just amazed.

Debbie said...

Okay, I can't even begin to keep up with you. You are mind blowing girl, mind blowing!

That is one insane post! :)