Tuesday, August 11, 2009

On a mission...a Publix mission...

Caroline and I are once again going to Publix to take advantage of the charcoal deal. Yes, I know, I am insane! I bought 40 $4.00 MQ for the charcoal off of ebay a few months ago and they are literally burning holes in my pocket! Also, the FL Q for $3.00 is expiring today and I have no idea if the stores will accept an expired competitor Q.

I called Tim this morning and asked "Is there anything and I do mean anything, that you want from Publix?" He just laughed and replied, "Do we have room for anything else?" LOL! If the charcoal is there, I plan on buying some random things such as a new contact lens case for Tim (I've been too cheap to purchase this for full price), tennis balls (hey, why not?), and a glass carafe for Caroline's iced tea.

Alright, wish us luck and pray for Caroline's patience (and mine too!). :)


Natasha said...

Best wishes as you go hunting!

Becky Scott said...

Girl - you can go to Publix for me any time! I'll even give you all my coupons. ;) Have fun and good luck!