Thursday, August 6, 2009

First Day of Preschool

Caroline started her first day of preschool (2 year old) at Stockbridge Methodist. We love her teacher! Miss Jessica is so energetic and has such an awesome chemistry with her students. You can tell she honestly loves her job!

It was kind of a bittersweet morning for me. I was glad that she was going to school (I'm a former teacher and BELIEVE in early education), but I was also really sad. I was with her every day this summer and now she's in school three mornings a week. Now, don't get me wrong, I am grateful for some time to get things done in the A.M., but I miss her! AGGHHH, my baby girl is growing up!

When we dropped her off, we were snapping pictures like crazy people (as were the other parents). Tim suggested that we say our good byes, but I quickly said "not a good idea". We needed to sneak out quietly. As soon as I said that, Caroline's head popped up and WAHHH the tears came. We told her good bye and we loved her and walked out the door. We waited outside the door for a few seconds. We obviously looked like first timers and immediately another mom asked which one. "Oh, she stopped crying as soon as you walked out the door." Whew!

As we were pulling out the driveway, I remembered that I forgot to remind her teacher that Caroline is potty trained. Crap! I just knew that we were going to pick her up and she would be wearing new clothes. I was so bummed (first because the other clothes weren't as cute and second, because I was stupid to forget!). But, I was wrong! Miss Jessica said she went to the potty and "did her thing". :) Yay!

We can't wait until Friday for another successful day at school!

Oblivious that we were taking pics!
Look at her name on the table! So cute!
Each day, Caroline's teacher posts the "news" of the day.
The first stop of the morning...math center!
Family picture! She doesn't look too impressed! Notice I took the diaper bag...what was I thinking??? Friday, we will have a bookbag!
On the way to school. She wanted to take her tennis racquet with her!
Waiting on me to stop taking pictures so we can get in the car!
Caroline's Very FIRST picture of her First day of school!

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Leah and Maya said...

She looks so cute!glad she had a fun day! you will have to do a post on early childhood ed, I am against it so just wondering what you like about it.
So happy she didn't ahve to come home in her OTHER clothes, she's a big girl now you know, and that was a cute outfit.